Notion is tool that has taken the tech world by storm and has a growing large cult fanbase. Notion Consultants’ are increasingly becoming the new trendy ‘product as a service’ role. Just search on sites like Fiverr, Twitter or LinkedIn and you’ll immediately get some hits.

What is a ‘Notion Consultant’ and what do they do?

Notion Consultants have mastered…

Podcast: Indie Hackers

Episode: Persisting Through Failures to Find a Winning Trend with Dru Riley of

This beautiful layout is published on Notion.

This article is part of a series of podcast reviews called ‘The Podcast Bar’, on my site The Notion Bar.

  • If you would prefer a more aesthetic/interactive experience , made on Notion, and…

Frances Odera Matthews

genz/millenial. notion ambassdor + founder of cultural commentator and aesthetic digital product builder, using notion as my canvas.

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